Choose your green option

If you will be automatically enrolled, or are already enrolled, in the Worcester Community Choice Aggregation and want to:




Opt up from Worcester Standard (20%) Green to Worcester 100% Green at 14.031 ¢/kWh

For an average residential customer, opting up to Worcester 100% Green will cost an extra $13/month. Use this calculator to see the impact on your bill and on the environment. Thank you for considering this option!

OPT DOWN Opt down from Worcester 100% Green to Worcester Standard (20%) Green at 11.442 ¢/kWh

… you can make your choice in the following ways:

Call: Call customer support with Worcester’s program consultants at 1-833-926-1207, or…
Choose online: Use the form below and choose the applicable program option.

Please note: It may take up to two billing cycles for the requested change to appear on your bill, as changes by the electricity supplier can only be made at the start of a billing cycle.

If you are not already enrolled in the Worcester Community Choice Electricity Aggregation but would like to be, please visit the enrollment page.

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