Webster PowerUp

Welcome to the Webster PowerUp program, an electricity program from the Town for Webster residents and businesses.

You’re invited. Attend a public information session to learn about Webster PowerUp. Each public information session will include a brief overview of the program and plenty of time for questions:

Tuesday, January 8, 10:00 AM, at the Webster Senior Center at 5 Church Street
Monday, January 14, 6:00 PM, in the Webster Town Hall Board of Selectmen’s room at 350 Main Street

The program is a Town-vetted alternative to National Grid’s Basic Service and to other electricity offers in the market place. Webster PowerUp is designed to provide price stability, consumer protections, and the potential for savings, though savings cannot be guaranteed.

Webster PowerUp is a form of group electricity purchasing known as an electricity aggregation. The Webster PowerUp price will be used to calculate the supply charge portion of your Eversource electricity bill. In an aggregation, the Town uses the bulk purchasing power of the community to secure the best electricity price possible. National Grid will continue to deliver your electricity, but a different company will supply it, and that company’s rate will be used to calculate the Supplier Services portion of your National Grid electricity bill.

Webster has signed a 21-month contract with First Point Power to supply electricity to Webster from February 2019 – November 2020.

New electricity choices

Webster PowerUp offers two choices:

  • PowerUp Standard: This is the default program offering. All National Grid Basic Service customers will be automatically enrolled in PowerUp Standard unless they opt out. Like National Grid’s Basic Service, Power Choice Standard meets minimum state requirements for renewable electricity.
  • PowerUp Green: This optional upgrade gives you 100% renewable energy, all from renewable energy projects in New England. You may choose this option by calling First Point Power at 1-888-875-1711 and requesting it.

How to participate

Most Webster electricity customers will be automatically enrolled. Specifically:

  • All Webster electricity customers that have National Grid’s Basic Service (Webster electricity customers that have not signed a contract with an electricity supplier) will be automatically enrolled in the PowerUp Standard with their February 2019 meter read unless they choose another option or opt out. The Webster PowerUp price will first appear on March 2019 National Grid electricity bills.

The automatic enrollment model is state law.

If you are eligible for automatic enrollment, you will receive a letter in December from the Town with information about the program, how to change your program option, and how to opt out. The letter will include the Town seal, the Webster PowerUp name, and the Town Administrator’s name at the bottom.

If you have already signed a contract with an electricity supplier, you will not be automatically enrolled, but you are invited to join Webster PowerUp. If you know you will not be automatically enrolled but you wish to join, please contact customer support.

NOTE: If you receive mail about an electricity offer, but you do not see the Webster PowerUp name, the Town seal, and the Town Administrator’s name, the mail is NOT from the Town program.

Opting out

Participation in Webster PowerUp is not required.

You may opt out of the program before being enrolled and any time after enrollment with no fee or penalty.