Watertown Electricity Choice is a group electricity purchasing program from the Town of Watertown for Watertown residents and businesses. Watertown Electricity Choice provides:

  • More renewable energy in your electricity supply
  • Stable electricity supply prices
  • Consumer protections without high pressure or fees

The program is a Town-vetted alternative to Eversource’s Basic Service and to other electricity offers in the market place.

One of the most affordable ways to reduce your carbon footprint

Watertown Electricity Choice offers three electricity choices, including two clean electricity choices, that give you greater control over the environmental characteristics and price of your electricity supply:

Standard (default) 53% renewable electricity 11.494 ¢/kWh. 100$ Green (option) 100% renewable electricity 12.718 ¢/kWh. Basic (option) receive only the 18% minimum renewable electricity required by state law 10.654 ¢/kWh.

To make a clean electricity choice, enroll in the Standard Offering or make a larger commitment to sustainability and opt up to 100% Green. You will reduce your personal carbon footprint and help to reduce the community’s carbon footprint as well. You will also help to drive the development of new renewable energy projects in New England by building a stronger market for the electricity generated by those projects.

All three program options will purchase renewable electricity from New England-based renewable energy projects.

Opt up to 100% Green online or call Watertown’s program consultants at 1-844-278-9864
Learn more about program options and prices


All new electricity accounts in Watertown will be automatically enrolled in Watertown Electricity Choice, unless they choose to opt out. If you are not enrolled and wish to participate, you may enroll online or with a phone call. Learn more.

Compare the cost

Use this online calculator to compare Watertown Electricity Choice prices with the most recent 12-month average of Eversource’s Basic Service prices and see the greenhouse gas emissions impact of opting up to the 100% Green option.

How it works

A municipal electricity aggregation is a group electricity purchasing program. Participating in Watertown Electricity Choice will change your electricity supplier and the price Eversource uses to calculate the Supply charge portion of your electricity bill, but participating will not replace Eversource as your electric utility. Learn more.


With Watertown Electricity Choice, an electricity supplier selected by Watertown buys cleaner electricity for you, and Eversource continues to deliver your electricity.

Example Eversource bill

Watertown Electricity Choice is integrated into your existing Eversource electricity bill.

View an example Eversource bill to learn:

  • Where Watertown Electricity Choice appears on your bill
  • How to use your bill to figure out in which program option you are enrolled

Savings cannot be guaranteed

Please note that, while Watertown Electricity Choice offers the potential for savings when compared with Eversource’s Basic Service price, there is no guarantee of savings. This is because Eversource’s prices change every 6 months for residential and small business customers and every 3 months for large business customers and future Eversource prices are unknown.

Protect yourself

If you receive mail about an electricity offer, read it carefully before signing anything. If you do not see:

1. the Watertown Electricity Choice name and logo
2. the Watertown Town seal, and
3. Town Manager Michael Driscoll’s name…

…the offer is NOT from Watertown Electricity Choice  

Also, please remember, Eversource will never knock on your door or call you to talk about your electricity bill. Eversource communicates in writing, and their correspondence always bears their logo. If someone calls claiming to be from Eversource, they are not. They are from a private company trying to get your business.