Welcome to Swampscott Community Power, a Town electricity program designed to make 100% renewable energy available to Swampscott residents and businesses. Swampscott Community Power gives electricity customers in Swampscott a Town alternative to National Grid’s Basic Service and to other electricity supply offers in the marketplace, access to cleaner electricity, and long-term, stable pricing (though savings compared with National Grid’s Basic Service cannot be guaranteed).

Cleaner electricity and consumer-friendly choices

You may choose between three options in Swampscott Community Power:

  1. Standard Green: Provides electricity that is 100% from renewable sources, primarily wind projects outside of New England. Standard Green is the default program offering, which means new participants will be automatically enrolled in Standard Green if another option is not chosen.
  2. New England Green: Provides electricity that is 100% from “premium” renewable sources in the New England region. By opting up to PowerChoice Plus, you increase the demand for renewable energy produced in New England, which drives the development of new renewable energy projects on the New England power grid.
  3. Basic: Provides only the minimum amount of your electricity required by law from renewable sources, but is the least expensive option in the program.

Learn more about your options in the program.


How to participate

All new electricity accounts in Swampscott will be automatically enrolled in Swampscott Community Power within a few months of being opened, unless they choose to opt out. (You will receive a letter in the mail before being automatically enrolled with program information.) If you are not currently enrolled and wish to enroll, you may enroll online or with a phone call. Learn more.

Compare the cost

Use this online calculator to compare the program price with the most recent 12-month average of National Grid’s Basic Service prices and to see the greenhouse gas emissions avoided by participating in Swampscott Community Power. Or compare program prices with National Grid’s current 6-month Basic Service price.

How it works

A municipal electricity aggregation is a group electricity purchasing program. Participating in Swampscott Community Power will change your electricity supplier and the price National Grid uses to calculate the supply charges on your electricity bill, but participating will not replace National Grid as your electric utility. You will continue to call National Grid if your power goes out, and you will continue to receive your electricity bill from National Grid. If you are eligible for a low-income discount, you will continue to receive that discount with no change. Learn more.


Understand your bill

Swampscott Community Power makes only minor changes to the way your electricity bill looks. But when you know what those changes are, you can use your bill to confirm whether you are enrolled and which program option you are enrolled in. Learn how to find the program information on your National Grid bill.

Savings cannot be guaranteed

Please note that, while Swampscott Community Power seeks to provide competitive prices, there is no guarantee of savings compared with National Grid’s Basic Service price because future National Grid prices are unknown.

Protect yourself

If you receive mail about an electricity offer, read it carefully before signing anything. If you do not see:

1. the Swampscott Community name and…
2. …the Swampscott Town seal

the offer is NOT from Swampscott Community Power.

Also, please remember, National Grid will never knock on your door or call you to talk about your electricity bill. National Grid communicates in writing, and their correspondence always bears their logo. If someone calls claiming to be from National Grid, they are not. They are from a private company trying to get your business.