Swampscott Community Power

Welcome to Swampscott Community Power, a Town electricity program that gives Swampscott residents and businesses an electricity supply alternative to National Grid, while also helping to support the Town’s sustainability efforts.

The program is an electricity aggregation. Electricity aggregation is a form of group purchasing in which a city or town selects an electricity supplier on behalf of its residents and businesses. The program impacts the electricity supply charges on your National Grid bill. Swampscott launched the program to provide access to trustworthy, well-vetted supply options and cost-effective 100%-green energy.

All National Grid Basic Service customers in Swampscott are automatically enrolled in Swampscott Community Power unless they choose not to participate, which is known as opting out

  • If you participate: National Grid will deliver your electricity, fix power outages, and bill you, but they will not be your electricity supplier. Instead, Swampscott will choose your electricity supplier. Your National Grid bill will show the program price as your electricity supply price. Delivery charges will be unaffected by this program.
  • If you do not participate: You will remain with National Grid Basic Service, and National Grid will be your electricity supplier.

Program Options

Swampscott Community Power offers participants three options:

  • Standard Green: This is the default option. Standard Green gives you 100% green energy. All program participants are automatically enrolled in Standard Green.
  • New England Green: This option allows you to make your electricity 100% green plus focus on locally produced renewable energy. Specifically, New England Green increases the amount of electricity from new renewable energy projects in New England (MA Class I RECs) from the minimum 12% required by the state in 2017 to 32%. (“New” renewable energy projects came into operation in 1998 or after.)
  • Basic: This option meets minimum state requirements for renewable energy, but it is not 100% green.

Learn about the price and energy mix for each option.

Program Benefits

100% green energy

As a program participant, your electricity will be powered by 100% green energy, unless you choose the Basic option.


The program gives you three new alternatives to National Grid Basic Service that give you control over the price and environmental characteristics of your electricity supply.


There are no hidden costs. Electricity prices are fixed by contract, known in advance, and posted. (National Grid prices change twice a year or more, depending on rate class.)

Please note: The program cannot guarantee savings compared with National Grid’s Basic Service price. National Grid’s Basic Service price changes every 6 months for residential and commercial accounts and every 3 months for industrial accounts. Future National Grid Basic Service prices are not known, and it is likely that for some months, the program price will be higher than National Grid’s Basic Service price. Program participants have the right to opt out, or leave, the program at any time with no penalty or fee.

Your relationship with National Grid

As a program participant, your primary relationship for electricity is with National Grid. Participating in Swampscott Community Power changes only your electricity supplier and the rate you are charged for the electricity supply portion of your bill. Beginning with your first bill after program enrollment, you will see Agera Energy printed as a line item for supply services, and you will see the program rate for your electricity supply rate. Otherwise:

  • Your bill will come from National Grid.
  • You will send bill payments to National Grid.
  • You will call National Grid if your power goes out.

If you are on a budget plan or are eligible for a low-income delivery rate or fuel assistance, you will continue to receive those benefits as a participant in Swampscott Community Power.

How to join the program

All eligible residents and businesses are automatically enrolled in the program. Eligible customers included residential and commercial National Grid Basic Service customers within the geographic boundaries of Swampscott.

New in town? New Swampscott residents who become National Grid Basic Service customers are eligible to participate in the program. You should receive a letter in the mail explaining the program and your right to opt out. If you do not opt out, you will be automatically enrolled. As an alternative, contact Agera Energy at 1-855-973-2788 and ask to join.

Adding an electricity account? You will receive a letter in the mail explaining the program and your right to opt out for that account. If you do not opt out, your new electricity account will be automatically enrolled in the program.

Have a contract with a different electricity supplier? We recommend that you carefully check the terms and conditions of your supplier agreement before joining. Your ability to terminate your agreement with your supplier may be restricted. If you still want to join, contact Agera Energy at 1-855-973-2788 and ask to join.