Upcoming Presentations

The City and/or its program consultants are currently scheduled to make the following presentations to introduce the Newton Power Choice program. This schedule will be updated periodically.

Date Time Group/Organization Location
January 16 6:00 PM Newton City Hall, 2nd floor, Mayor’s Office 1000 Commonwealth Ave, Newton Centre, MA
January 17 7:30 PM Newton Ward 7 40 Brackett Road, Newton, MA
January 23 2:00 PM Newton Senior Center 345 Walnut Street, Newton, MA
January 27 11:00 AM (after 10:00 AM mass) St. Ignatius Church 28 Commonwealth Ave, Chestnut Hill, MA
January 30 7:00 PM Newton Library 330 Homer St, Newton, MA
January 31 6:00 PM Warren House 1600 Washington St, Newton, MA
February 7 6:00 PM Houghton Village 37 Hamlet Street, Newton, MA