Natick Electricity Aggregation Program

Welcome to Natick’s Electricity Aggregation Program, an electricity program from the Town of Natick for local residents and businesses.

Electricity supplier transition: The Natick Electricity Aggregation Program is in a transition from its current electricity supplier, Public Power, to its new electricity supplier, Direct Energy. During this transition, if you would like to enroll in the program, opt up to 100% Green, or otherwise make changes to your enrollment, please Direct Energy at 1-866-968-8065.

The program is a Town-vetted alternative to Eversource’s Basic Service and to other electricity offers in the market place. Natick’s Electricity Aggregation Program increases the amount of renewable energy in the community’s electricity supply, while providing price stability, consumer protections, and the potential for savings, though savings cannot be guaranteed.

Natick’s Electricity Aggregation Program is a form of group electricity purchasing known as an electricity aggregation. More than 140 communities in Massachusetts are already engaged in electricity aggregation. The Natick Electricity Aggregation Program price will be used to calculate the supply charge portion of your Eversource electricity bill. (Learn how aggregation works.)

New electricity choices

Beginning in July 2019, Natick’s Electricity Aggregation Program will offer new electricity choices that give you greater control over the environmental characteristics and price of your electricity supply.

  • Through Standard Green,which is the default program offering, you will buy renewable electricity that matches a total of 24% of your electricity use (10% renewable energy in addition to the 14% minimum required by the state). This is an increase from the program’s previous standard offering, which included 5% more renewable energy than the state required in 2018.

You will also have the opportunity to choose one of the other program options:

  • 100% Green – buy renewable electricity to match 100% of your electricity use (opt up)
  • Natick Basic/Brown – buy no additional renewable electricity beyond the minimum required by the state (NOTE: This is the Basic or Brown option in Natick’s Electricity Aggregation Program. It is different from Eversource’s Basic Service.) (opt down)

All choices, including Standard Green, will purchase renewable electricity from New England-based renewable energy projects.

Program Benefits

Potential Savings

The program goal is to provide savings when compared with Eversource’s Basic Service price, which changes every six months for residential and commercial customers and every three months for industrial customers. The goal is to provide savings when compared with the average of Eversource’s changing prices. However, because we do not know future prices, savings cannot be guaranteed.


The program offers three alternatives to Eversource’s Basic Service: Standard Green, which includes a small amount of additional renewable electricity, 100% Green, which includes 100% renewable electricity, and for those who prefer not to have any additional renewable energy, Natick Basic. Learn more about the pricing and energy mix for each option.


Natick has negotiated a contract with Direct Energy through a public RFP process. All program terms are public, and there are no hidden costs. You will receive a fixed rate for the duration of the current contract, which goes until December 2020 meter reads. You may leave the program at any time with no penalty.

Your relationship with Eversource

Your primary relationship for electricity will be with Eversource. Participating in the Natick Electricity Aggregation Program changes only your electricity supplier and the rate you are charged for the electricity supply portion of your bill. Beginning with your first bill after program enrollment, you will see printed as a line item for supply services, and you will see the program rate for your electricity supply rate. Otherwise:

  • Your electric bill will come from Eversource.
  • You will send bill payments to Eversource.
  • You will call Eversource if your power goes out.

If you are eligible for a low-income delivery rate or fuel assistance, you continue to receive those benefits as a participant in the Natick Electricity Aggregation Program.

How to join the program

All metered electricity customers within the geographic boundaries of Natick are eligible to participate. All new Eversource Basic Service customers, including both residents and businesses, are automatically enrolled in the program.

New in town? New Natick residents who become Eversource Basic Service customers are automatically enrolled in the program. You should receive a letter in the mail explaining the program and your right to opt out at any time. Your electricity account will be automatically enrolled in Standard Green. You may choose one of the other options or opt out at any time.

Adding an electricity account? Your account will be automatically enrolled in the program. You will also receive a letter in the mail explaining the program and your right to opt out for that account. Your electricity account will be automatically enrolled in Standard Green. You may choose one of the other options or opt out at any time.

Want to change from your current electricity supplier to the Natick Electricity Aggregation Program? To enroll, please call Direct Energy at 1-866-968-8065. However, we recommend that you carefully check the terms and conditions of your existing electricity supply agreement before joining to be sure you will not be charged an early termination fee.

Previously opted out and want to rejoin the program? If you opted out under any of the previous electricity supply contracts, you will not be automatically re-enrolled in the program under the new contract and pricing with Direct Energy. However, you may rejoin the program to take advantage of the new, lower program price. To opt back in to the program, please call Direct Energy at 1-866-968-8065.