Current energy mix disclosure label

Please note: Community Choice program participants recently received a energy mix disclosure document in the mail from Constellation NewEnergy, the program’s new electricity supplier. The document includes appears to provide information about the program, such as the price and the energy sources used to generated the electricity supplied by the program.

This document was mailed due to error by Constellation. The information it contains is NOT RELATED in any way to Lexington’s Community Choice program.

Community Choice program participants can rest assured that the contracted program price remains in effect and also that the electricity supplied for both the 100% Green and the New England Green options includes the renewable energy guaranteed in Constellation’s contract with the Town.

This document is prepared and periodically updated by the program’s electricity supplier. It provides detail on the energy mix for all program options. Because these documents are updated only periodically, the currently available document may be for an earlier period of time. Download the most recent energy mix disclosure label. (PDF)

Example electricity bill

Compare what an average residential Lexington electricity bill would look like before and after enrolling in Lexington’s Community Choice program. Example bills assume 700 kWh of electricity use per month and are based on Eversource’s January – June 2018 Basic Service price.

  • Before: The Supply charge on this example bill (PDF) is calculated using Eversource’s Basic Service price for January – June 2019.
  • After: The Supply charge on this example bill (PDF) is calculated using the price for the 100% Green option (the default program option) in Lexington’s Community Choice program.

Approved aggregation plan

To implement Lexington’s Community Choice program, the Town had to develop an aggregation plan and submit that plan to a state regulatory approval process. The plan was approved by the Massachusetts Department of Public Utilities on 3/31/17. Download the plan. (PDF)

Electricity supply contract

Below is the current electricity supply contract for Lexington’s Community Choice Program:

December 2018 meter reads – December 2020 meter reads – Constellation New Energy (PDF)

Previous electricity supply contracts:

July 2017 meter reads – December 2018 meter reads – Agera Energy (PDF)

Informational videos about the program

Get an explanation of how the program works from Mark Sandeen, Chair of Sustainable Lexington, and from representatives of Peregrine Energy Group, the consulting company hired by the Town to manage the program.

In Conversation with Steve Iverson on LexMedia (recorded 6/12/17)

Community information session (delivered 6/26/17)

Massachusetts Department of Public Utilities (D.P.U.) Basic Service pricing information

The Massachusetts Department of Public Utilities (D.P.U.) provides an Electric Industry Overview web page that includes an explanation of what Basic Service pricing is and what the components of the price are. On this page, you can also download an Excel spreadsheet that includes the current Basic Service prices for all Massachusetts utilities. Follow this link directly to the Basic Service part of this web page.