Lexington’s Community Choice Program

Welcome to Lexington’s Community Choice program, a Town electricity program that increases the amount of renewable energy in your electricity to 100%.

Important scam phone call notification:

Some Lexington residents have received phone calls that appear to originate from the Town and claim to offer refunds on electricity and gas bills. Caller ID specifically shows “Town of Lexington.”

These calls do NOT originate from with the Town of Lexington.

These calls are an example of fraudulent behavior by a private company. Neither the Town of Lexington, nor Lexington’s Community Choice Program, nor Eversource make marketing phone calls.

The Town of Lexington strongly recommends against responding to these calls. In addition, the Town recommends that you protect your Eversource account number like you would a credit card number. Do not provide it to a representative from any company unless you are ready to sign a contract with that company.

If you have received one of these calls and wish to file a complaint, you are invited to do so via the Massachusetts Department of Public Utilities online complaint form. Be sure to include the date of the call and any additional information you can provide about the call, such as the caller ID.

The program is an electricity aggregation, which is a form of group purchasing in which a city or town selects an electricity supplier on behalf of residents and businesses. Under this program, Eversource will continue to deliver electricity Lexington, but Lexington uses a competitive bid process to choose its own electricity supplier. Participating in the program will give you a new rate and a new electricity supplier on the supplier services portion of your Eversource electric bill.

Lexington has signed a contract with Constellation New Energy that runs until December 2020 meter reads.

Please note: The program price is fixed until December 2020, but Eversource’s Basic Service prices change every 6 months for residential and small business customers and every 3 months for large business customers. As a result, savings cannot be guaranteed compared to Eversource’s Basic Service price.

Clean-energy choices

The program offers three alternatives to Eversource’s basic service. Two provide 100% renewable energy:

  • 100% Green: 100% renewable energy. Provides least 21% from renewable energy projects in New England, which is 5% over the minimum required by the state. New Eversource Basic Service customers will be automatically enrolled in 100% Green.
  • New England Green: 100% renewable energy, all generated by projects in New England.

The program also offers an option if you do not want 100% renewable energy:

  • Basic: Meets Massachusetts minimum renewable energy requirements. Does not include any additional renewable energy.

Participating in the program

As provided by state law, all Eversource Basic Service customers are automatically enrolled in the Lexington Community Choice program, unless they choose not to participate.

If you have not been automatically enrolled and wish to join the program:

  • Please contact Constellation New Energy at 1-844-813-7876 to enroll in the program.

If you have a new Eversource electricity account in Lexington and wish to be enrolled:

  • New Eversource electricity account holders will receive a letter in the mail about the program one to two months after opening the account. You will have 30 days from the mailing date of the letter to opt out of the program before enrollment. If you do not opt out, your account will be automatically enrolled after that 30-day period has completed.

What changes with the program

As a program participant, you will see only two changes on your Eversource electric bill:

  • The program’s electricity supplier, Constellation, will be listed as your electricity supplier on your Eversource bill.
  • Eversource will use Lexington’s price to calculate the Supply portion of your electricity bill instead of their own Basic Service price.

Nothing else changes. Your primary relationship for electricity will remain with Eversource. This means:

  • You will continue to receive one bill from Eversource
  • You will continue to call Eversource if your power goes out. Eversource will continue to deliver electricity, restore service after an outage, and maintain the poles and wires.
  • If you receive net metering credits on your Eversource bill from solar panels, those will continue to be calculated on the Eversource Basic Service rate, not on the program rate.
  • If you are eligible for a low-income discount, you will continue to receive that discount.

If you do not wish to participate

You may opt out of the program before being automatically enrolled or at any time after enrollment with no penalty. If you choose to opt out, Eversource will continue to be your electricity supplier, and the supplier portion of your electricity bill will remain on the Eversource Basic Service rate.