Opt up to 100% Green electricity

By choosing the Chelmsford Choice Plus option, you receive all of your electricity from renewable and highly efficient energy sources.

You help significantly to:

  • drive the development of new renewable energy projects in New England by increasing demand for the electricity generated by those projects
  • reduce personal and town-wide greenhouse gas emissions
  • support regional renewable energy businesses and the jobs they create
  • reduce New England air pollution

The Chelmsford Choice Plus option also offers:

  • a fixed electricity supply price through November 2020
  • consumer protections, including the ability to change program options (or to opt out) at any time at no cost

Ready to opt up to Chelmsford Choice Plus and receive 100% green electricity from renewable energy sources?

  1. Get your National Grid account number from your National Grid electricity bill
  2. Click the “Opt up online” button OR call customer support with the Town’s program consultants at 1-844-483-5004.
  3. Choose Chelmsford Choice Plus in the drop-down menu in the online form or tell customer support you want Chelmsford Choice Plus.

Opt up online