Chelmsford Choice is a Town electricity aggregation program that gives Chelmsford residents and businesses a Town alternative to other electricity supply offers in the marketplace, without high pressure or fees. The program offers consumer protections and the potential for savings (though savings cannot be guaranteed), while also helping to support Chelmsford’s sustainability efforts.

A stronger focus on clean electricity and new prices in November

NEWS! Beginning in November, Chelmsford Choice prices will change, and program options will have new names as a result of a new electricity supply contract with Constellation. In addition, a new clean-energy option, Chelmsford Choice Greener, will be available with 40% renewable electricity over and above the minimum amount required by the state (which is 16% in 2020).

The new electricity supply contract will take effect as the current contract with Public Power ends. Active participants do not need to take any action to participate in the new contract in November. You will be automatically enrolled in the corresponding offering under the new contract.

The new prices will offer 3 years of price stability, and prices for the Chelmsford Choice Basic option and the new Chelmsford Choice Greener Option are lower than National Grid’s Winter 2020 residential Basic Service price (though future savings cannot be guaranteed).

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New participants in Chelmsford Choice will be automatically enrolled in the default Chelmsford Choice Basic offering.

For more clean, renewable electricity, opt up to Chelmsford Choice Greener or Chelmsford Choice Greenest online or by calling customer support with Chelmsford’s program consultants at 1-844-483-5004.

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All new electricity accounts in Chelmsford will be automatically enrolled in Chelmsford Choice, unless they choose to opt out. If you are not enrolled and wish to participate, you may enroll online or with a phone call. Learn more.

Compare the cost

Use this online calculator to compare the program price with the most recent 12-month average of National Grid’s Basic Service prices and to see the greenhouse gas emissions avoided by opting up to the Chelmsford Choice Greener and Chelmsford Choice Greenest options.

How it works

A municipal electricity aggregation is a group electricity purchasing program. Participating in Chelmsford Choice will change your electricity supplier and the price National Grid uses to calculate the supplier services portion of your electricity bill, but participating will not replace National Grid as your electric utility. Learn more.

Savings cannot be guaranteed

Please note that, while Chelmsford Choice offers the potential for savings when compared with National Grid’s Basic Service price, there is no guarantee of savings. This is because National Grid’s prices change every 6 months for residential and small business customers and every 3 months for large business customers and future National Grid prices are unknown.

Protect your National Grid account number

National Grid will never knock on your door or call you to talk about your electricity bill.
Only provide your National Grid account number if you are ready to change your electricity supplier.