Enroll in Acton Power Choice

Online enrollment is not available. Please call Constellation to enroll: 1-833-392-4654

New electricity customers in Acton will be automatically enrolled in Acton Power Choice. This automatic enrollment model is state law.

You will receive a letter in the mail from the Town with information about the program before enrollment occurs. The letter will include the Town seal, the Acton Power Choice name, and Town Manager John Mangiaratti’s name at the bottom.


Participation in Acton Power Choice is not required. You are free to opt out of the program before being enrolled and to opt out any time after enrollment with no fee or penalty.
  • If you sign a private contract with an electricity supplier soon after opening your electricity account, you will not automatically be enrolled, but you may participate in the program. We recommend that you carefully check the terms and conditions of your supplier agreement. Your ability to terminate your agreement with your electricity supplier may be restricted. To enroll, please contact Constellation at 1-833-392-4654.
  • If you previously opted out and now wish to enroll, you may, but you are not guaranteed the Acton Power Choice price. The Acton Power Choice electricity supplier may charge you a market price. To find out whether your account will receive the program price or a market price, please call Constellation at 1-833-392-4654.