Use the calculator below to compare your electricity supply costs (the costs of the actual electricity) to Eversource’s Basic Service costs, and to quantify the greenhouse gas benefits of participating in Acton Power Choice.

Please note: Your electricity delivery costs (the cost to bring electricity to your home or business) are determined by Eversource and will not be affected by your participation in Acton Power Choice.

To use the calculator, find your monthly electricity use (in kWh) on your Eversource electricity bill and enter it into the box below.

(Enter the number of kWh you use in any given month)

Acton Power Choice Costs and Benefits

Acton Power Choice Standard (default)
26% renewable electricity, including the 16% required by state law
Acton Power Choice GREEN (option)
100% renewable electricity
Acton Power Choice Basic (option)
No additional renewable electricity beyond the minimum required by state law
Program price ($/kWh) $0.10985 $0.12671 $0.10741
Monthly electricity supply charges ($/month)

If you participate in the program for one year, this will be your approximate greenhouse gas reduction over the course of that year:

Greenhouse gas emissions avoided in one year compared to Eversource's Basic Service (lbs/year) 0
This is the same as driving this many fewer miles in one year* 0

Compare to Eversource's Basic Service price

(the most recent 12-month average**)
Residential Small Business Large Business
12-month average Eversource price ($/kWh) $0.11274 $0.10468 $0.09714
Monthly electricity supply charges ($/month)

* This calculator calculates equivalencies using information provided by the EPA’s Greenhouse Gas Equivalencies Calculator. Greenhouse gas emissions avoided are calculating using the most recently available NEPOOL GIS emissions factor.

** Please note that the Eversource Basic Service price shown is the average of Eversource’s Basic Service prices for the past 12 months. Because Eversource’s fixed Basic Service prices change so frequently (every 6 months for residential and commercial accounts and every 3 months for industrial accounts), using an average price provides the most accurate comparison.

Savings cannot be guaranteed

Please note that there can be no guarantee of savings compared with Eversource’s Basic Service price because future Eversource prices are unknown.