The program locked in a price in February 2016. The price is fixed for 24 months, meaning it will not change in that time. But because National Grid Basic Service prices change twice a year or more, depending on rate class, there will be months when the program price is higher than the National Grid price. This is to be expected.

The program goal is to beat the average of National Grid Basic Service prices over the 24-month electricity supply contract.

To choose 100% green energy with the Greener Option, contact Constellation at 1-844-830-3345.

Standard Offering Greener Option National Grid Basic Service
Renewable energy content Meets Massachusetts renewable energy requirements 100% green energy. Exceeds Massachusetts requirements for energy from new renewable projects* by 20%. Meets Massachusetts renewable energy requirements.
Rate term February 2016 – February 2018 meter read February 2016 – February 2018 meter read November 1, 2017 – April 30, 2018**
Residential 9.21 ¢/kWh*** 10.31 ¢/kWh*** 12.673 ¢/kWh
Small business 9.21 ¢/kWh*** 10.31 ¢/kWh*** 11.946 ¢/kWh
Medium and large business 9.21 ¢/kWh*** 10.31 ¢/kWh*** 10.753 ¢/kWh (November 1 – 2017 – January 31, 2018)
Exit terms Leave any time. No penalty or fee. Leave any time. No penalty or fee. Leave any time. No penalty or fee. (Except for some medium and large business accounts.)

* New renewable energy projects are those projects that came into commercial operation after January 1, 1998. The additional new renewable projects incorporated into the Greener Option are from New England wind projects.

** National Grid’s fixed Basic Service rates change every six (6) months for residential and small business accounts and every month for medium and large business accounts.

***Price includes a $0.1 ¢/kWh administration fee.