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How much additional renewable energy should the program include in the standard, default offering?

The standard, default offering is the option you will be automatically enrolled in as a program participant if you do not choose one of the other program options.

Setting the level of the default offering is a key question facing the City at this phase of program planning. The program will also include one or more options, such as the ability to upgrade to 100% renewable electricity or to participate in the program but with no additional renewable electricity beyond the amount required by state law.

Because the standard, default offering will impact all ratepayers who are enrolled in Eversource’s Basic Service and who do not opt out of the program or choose one of the other program options, the City is weighing carefully the amount of additional renewable energy the default will contain. Considerations include both the cost and environmental benefits of additional renewable energy.

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The City would like to hear from a wide variety of perspectives on the topic. To facilitate this discussion, the City will be reaching out to various citizen groups over the next few months for input.

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