Nantucket PowerChoice Program

Welcome to Nantucket PowerChoice, a local electricity program that gives Nantucket residents and businesses an electricity supply option that provides specific community benefits, such as cost savings, price stability, strong customer protections, increased competition, and support for local solar projects.

The program is a municipal electricity aggregation, a form of group purchasing in which a municipality competitively procures an electricity supplier on behalf of its residents and businesses. Through a solicited bidding process held in March 2018, the Town chose to execute a 24-month contract with Direct Energy for 9.05 ¢/kWh. This price will be reflected in the “Supply Services” charges on your National Grid electric bill through May 2020.

PLEASE NOTE: Although the program’s electric supplier is Direct Energy, National Grid remains Nantucket’s electric utility company for electricity delivery, power outage repairs, customer service and billing.

All new National Grid Basic Service customers in Nantucket will be automatically enrolled in Nantucket PowerChoice unless they choose not to participate, or opt out.

  • If you participate: You will see Direct Energy and the program price under “Supply Services” on your National Grid bill beginning the month after you are enrolled. Delivery charges will be unaffected. (If you are not a National Grid Basic Service customer, you will not be automatically enrolled, but you are invited to opt in. To opt into the program, please contact Direct Energy at 1-866-968-8065, mention the Nantucket PowerChoice program, and ask to be enrolled.)
  • If you do not participate: You may opt out of the program before being enrolled or any time afterward with no penalty. National Grid Basic Service customers who do not participate will remain on National Grid’s Basic Service rate. Learn how to opt out.

Program Benefits

Potential Cost Savings

The program price has the potential to be below National Grid’s Basic Service price. However, National Grid’s prices change every 6 months for residential and commercial customers and every 3 months for industrial customers. Nantucket PowerChoice will eliminate that seasonal volatility with a fixed program price, but that price may not always be below the National Grid Basic Service price. As a result, savings cannot be guaranteed.


The competitive procurement process ensures a vetted, transparent alternative to National Grid’s Basic Service with no hidden costs.

More Choice

Nantucket PowerChoice offers two alternatives to National Grid’s Basic Service:

  • PowerChoice: This is the default option. All program participants are automatically enrolled in PowerChoice. Like National Grid’s Basic Service, PowerChoice meets the minimum Massachusetts requirements for integrating renewable energy.
  • PowerChoice Green: This option allows you to make your electricity 100% green with a focus on renewable energy produced in New England.

Learn about program options and pricing.

Your relationship with National Grid

Your primary relationship for electricity remains with National Grid.

  • Your bill will continue to come from National Grid.
  • You will continue to send bill payments to National Grid.
  • You will continue to call National Grid if your power goes out.

If you are on a budget plan or are eligible for a low-income delivery rate or fuel assistance, you continue to receive those benefits as a participant in Nantucket PowerChoice.