Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question about Foxborough Power Forward? Review the list of frequently asked questions below.

To see how the Foxborough Power Forward program will appear on your National Grid electric bill, download an example bill. (PDF)

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1. What is the Foxborough Power Forward program?

National Grid is responsible for electricity delivery in Foxborough. In addition, National Grid typically chooses your electricity supplier and passes the cost of the electricity itself, known as electricity supply, along to you. This is called Basic Service.

The Foxborough Power Foward program is an alternative to Basic Service called electricity aggregation. Electricity aggregation is a form of group purchasing in which a town selects an electricity supplier on behalf of its residents and businesses. The goal is to negotiate the best price possible for everyone for the electricity supply portion of their electric bill.

Foxborough has chosen Public Power, LLC, as the Town’s electricity supplier. National Grid will continue to deliver electricity to Foxborough, but Public Power will supply it.

2. What will my electricity supply price be?

The program offers two options:

  • Power Forward Standard is 9.203 ¢/kWh for all customers/rate classes. This option meets state renewable energy requirements. New program participants are automatically enrolled in Power Forward Standard.
  • Power Forward Green is 9.806 ¢/kWh for all customers/rate classes. This option provides 100% green energy, including 20% renewable energy from new New England renewable energy projects (new means they came into operation after 1997) in addition to the 12% required by Massachusetts law. You may select Power Forward Green instead of Power Forward Standard by calling Public Power at 1-800-834-2944.
3. How much will I save?

The program goal is savings, but savings cannot be predicted or guaranteed. The program price is fixed for until October 2018 meter reads, while National Grid electricity supply prices change every few months. The program price may not always be below National Grid. The program goal is to deliver savings when compared with the average of National Grid’s changing rates.

Savings will apply only to the supply portion of your National Grid bill. National Grid’s delivery charges will be unaffected.

4. How long will the program last?

Foxborough has signed a 19-month contract with Public Power, LLC, which began in March 2017. The contract price will be in effect until October 2018 meter reads.

At the end of the current contract, Foxborough has a choice: The Town can then establish a new electricity supply contract or end the program. If the Town establishes a new electricity supply contract, all current program participants will be automatically enrolled into the new contract. If the town ends the program, all participants will be seamlessly returned to National Grid Basic Service.

5. What will change with this program?

You will see two changes beginning with your first National Grid electric bill after program enrollment:

  • Your electricity supply price will change to the program price.
  • You will see Public Power listed instead of Basic Service on the Supplier Services portion of your bill.

Everything else will remain the same. You will continue to receive your bill from National Grid, pay National Grid, and call National Grid when your power goes out.

6. Who is eligible to participate?

All metered electricity customers within the geographic boundaries of Foxborough are eligible to participate. All National Grid Basic Service customers were automatically enrolled with their March 2017 meter read. New National Grid Basic Service account holders will receive a letter about the program and will be automatically enrolled if they do not choose to opt out.

7. I have signed my own contract with an electricity supplier. Will I be enrolled in the program?

No. If you have already signed a contract with an electricity supplier, you will not automatically be enrolled in Foxborough Power Forward.

However, you are welcome to participate.

If you would like to participate, we recommend that you first check the terms of your existing electricity supply contract. Many include minimum enrollment periods and early termination fees.

To participate in the program, call Public Power at 1-800-830-2944.

8. Do I have to participate?

No. You may choose not to participate. This is called opting out. There is no penalty for opting out. You may do so at any time. If you opt out, you will continue with National Grid Basic Service.

You may opt out at any time by calling Public Power at 1-800-830-2944 or by opting out online.

9. Who do I call when the power goes out?

Call National Grid if your power goes out, as always. National Grid will continue to deliver your electricity and maintain the poles and wires.

10. Will I receive a second bill?

No. National Grid will continue to bill you for your electricity. This is the only electricity bill you will receive as a participant in Foxborough Power Forward.

11. Will I receive a lower quality of service from National Grid if I participate in this program?

No. National Grid’s quality of service to you will be unaffected by your participation in Foxborough Power Forward. The reason is because National Grid does not profit from the supply charges on your electric bill. They pass the electricity supply charges along to you with no markup. They make their profit from the distribution charges. As a result, they have no preference whether they choose your supplier or Foxborough does.

12. What if National Grid’s price falls below the program price?

The program price is fixed until October 2018 meter reads. National Grid Basic Service prices change every six months or less, depending on what kind of customer you are. As a result, it is likely that for some months, the Basic Service price will fall below the program price. The program goal is to beat the average of the changing Basic Service prices.

If the Basic Service price does fall below the program price, you are free to opt out of the program and return to National Grid Basic Service.

13. I am currently under National Grid budget billing/eligible for the low-income delivery rate. Will this change?

If you participate in budget billing or are eligible for any discounts from National Grid, those will be unaffected by your participation in Foxborough Power Forward.

14. I have solar panels on my property. If I join the program, will I continue to receive net metering credits?

Yes. Net metering will work the same way if you participate in the program. Your net metering credits from your solar panels will continue to appear on your National Grid bill and will continue to be calculated based on National Grid’s Basic Service price.

15. Is Foxborough the only community in Massachusetts creating this kind of program?

No. Municipal electricity aggregation has been building momentum across Massachusetts. More than 70 other Massachusetts communities also have active aggregations.