A community-focused approach

Our community-focused approach to aggregation delivers a program that reflects your community’s priorities, keeps your community in the driver’s seat for all decision making, and gives your the best pricing.

The three core elements of our approach include:

A focus on your community, not a regional group

We work with you to craft an aggregation plan that reflects your community’s priorities and no one else’s. And we make sure that plan gives you the greatest amount of flexibility so that as you priorities evolve, your aggregation can, too. We can move your plan quickly through the Massachusetts regulatory process because it will not be tied to the progress of any other community. We understand that regulatory process like no one else. Our team includes a former Massachusetts energy commissioner and regulatory attorney with extensive experience in front of the Massachusetts Department of Public Utilities.

Education, community branding, and Massachusetts-based customer support

Municipal aggregation can be a complex, confusing topic. And your program will likely have to compete for attention with myriad, sometimes aggressive, other electricity supply offers that are received by residents and businesses alike.

Our community outreach strategy builds enthusiasm and trust by positioning your program clearly as a vetted, trustworthy choice. We employ three key strategies to do that:

  • We take an educational tone in all of our presentations and materials. You won’t hear bold claims about savings that can’t be supported or confusing language about the benefits – and limits – of your program. We communicate honestly and openly without pressure.
  • We provide a polished, patient, and local customer support team that knows your program inside and out. Our team lives and works in Massachusetts. Not only do they address questions by phone and email, but they also participate in person in public information sessions in your community, so everyone can see and meet the voices on the other end of the phone.
  • We put you in front by clearly branding all materials with community branding. We customize our suite of outreach materials with your town seal, your logos, your colors.

Community-specific prices

With our community-focused approach, you are not tied to the decisions of a group. You retain local decision making, which means you decide the price you want to pay, the length of contract you want to sign, and the amount of renewable energy you want to include without negotiating these details with other communities.

You also get your own price, which means you avoid the cross-subsidies that come with a group procurement effort. Having a better load profile is what gives you a better price, not having more communities. In a procurement that delivers a single price for multiple communities, those cities or towns with a favorable load profile lose out. They bring down the overall price for everyone, but the price they pay is higher than it would be if they had gone it alone. We make sure you never pay more so that another community can pay less.